Change Minds Norwich Session 2 – 17th May 2018

For our second session the Change Minds Norwich group met at Norfolk Heritage Centre in the¬†Millennium library in Norwich. The group will meet here monthly while researching their individual case studies from the St Andrew’s Hospital case books. We were given a tour of the Heritage Centre by Rachel Willis and Chris Tracy and an introduction into how to use their resources.


Rachel showed the group one of her favourite items in the collection, a natural history book (above) which includes some magical creatures such as a Mandrake. She also showed us the Norwich Apocalypse (below), a mid-13th century commentary on the Book of Revelation.

The Heritage Centre also holds items relating to mental health care in Norwich and Norfolk over the years.

After the tour, the group learnt about paleography and chose their individual case records which will be the basis for their research throughout the project. At the next session participants will see more records from St Andrew’s Hospital at Norfolk Record Office and have an introduction to using the search room. They will also meet Senior Conservator Nick Sellwood and have an introduction to document preservation.

Text by Tasha Winton

Photos by Helen Sabberton and Tasha Winton