Change Minds visit to St Andrews Site

The Change Minds 1st Cohort visited the St Andrews site on October 6th. We parked on the North side of the hospital site and walked down past the now sadly neglected cricket ground through the avenue of trees over the bridge to the smart residential development on the South side. Here a lot of the original hospital buildings have been converted into smart residential accommodation. The stone has the date of 1857 but these buildings were opened as the Norfolk County Asylum in 1814.


Here is a picture of the Octagon and Chapel, we could be in Italy !


We made our way back to the Northside, the Asylum expanded in 1870 the buildings on the Northside were of cheaper construction than the original buildings on the Southside. At the time this was known as the Auxiliary Hospital.


This central block has so far escaped demolition.




The memorial ground which was the sight of the burial ground on the Northside of the hospital it is now hidden between industrial units in the Broadland Business Park. Patients who died in the hospital were buried in unmarked graves unless their relatives claimed their body. There was an older burial ground on the South side but this was built over, Patients were buried here between 1859 -1966.This quiet treelined space probably would not be still here if it was not for the families of Polish airmen who became associated with St Andrews when it was a war hospital. The Health Authority sold the iron from that marked the polish graves as scrap iron in 1964.

     The cemetery was rededicated in 1987 and this memorial was built.