Research resources online

Following on from Richard Johnson’s fascinating blog – and his invaluable reference to the amazing internet archive – I thought I’d pass on this from the library information service. I always feel stumped by how to get hold of academic papers but in fact you can get many of them online from any Norfolk library.

This, for example, is how you find an article in the British Medical Journal.

Go to

Then scroll to the 2nd listing

  • Click on “Access to Research”
  • Click on What, Who, Why (bottom left-hand)
  • Click on Can I see what academic articles are included
  • Click on Browse all journals page here (in red)
  • Click on “B” for BMJ (British Medical Journal)
  • Click on BMJ
  • Peruse subject listings and click on any of interest.

Here are a couple of articles I am planning to look for.

Inventing the medical portrait: photography of the benevolent asylum of Holloway c 1885 – 1889, by Susan Sidlowskas, published in thh BMJ Medical Humanities 2013

Portraits, patients and practitioners by Ludmila Jordanova, also in BMJ medical Humanities 2013

Searching for publications is rather compulsive, and so far it has taken me about an hour to write this short post, because I keep getting distracted by leads into asylum photography, then on to City of London Lunatic Asylum, the the London Metropolitan Archives…….it’s the research rabbit hole!

Laura Drysdale, Director, Restoration Trust