Session 7 – Poetry workshop with Martin Figura – 27 July 2018

This week we were at the Norfolk Heritage Centre for a poetry workshop with Martin Figura.

The group looked at creative writing by previous members of Change Minds as well as the poem ‘I Come From’ by Robert Seatter. Using this as inspiration the group wrote poems both about themselves and from the perspective of their chosen St Andrew’s Hospital patient.

Here’s one of the brilliant poems written during the workshop (more to follow!)

I come from

Claire Anderson

Do I come from someone?
My Mum? Like my children come from me?
But where were they before? Before they came to be?
Was it the same place, as this dragonfly I see?
He doesn’t seem to know, as he flits between the reeds.

Do the flowers have the answers?
Can lavender share its soft beliefs?
Does wisdom come with the freedom of flight, for bird and bee?
Or are they too asking questions, as they tremble in the breeze?

Does the river have the answer?
She ripples as she breathes,
and blushes under kisses of the fallen leaves…

If you hear with your heart, you know that nature speaks,
But does it have the answer, to where we come from?
Is that the secret that it keeps?