Session One – 1st October 2015 Norfolk Record Office

img_08191The first Change Minds session – Welcome!

Welcoming all 14 participants to the start of the Change Minds project.  Starting the morning with tea and coffee, a chance to meet each other and introductions from the team.

Gary Tuson, County Archivist explained their mission statement and the role of the Norfolk Record Office to “collect, preserve and make accessible archives relating to the County of Norfolk”, explained with interesting stories about the archives.


A chance for the participants to familiarise themselves with the Record Office building with a guided tour lead by Gary Tuson, County Archivist.


Walking down the long gallery looking at the current exhibition ‘No Hatred or Bitterness’ about Edith Cavell and the Norfolk women in the first world war which prompted a lot of interest and discussion.



UnknownThe box making room.  An amazing machine which is able to create any sized box in acid free card, which we found out is important to help to preserve archive material.

Interest about the variety of different sized boxes and the size of the machine which takes up a whole room!

20151001_114928_resizedConservation room.  Looking at some items that are being restored.

Questions and discussion looking at a Charter written on parchment with a wax seal, from the time of Richard II.





20151001_113344_resizedWent into the Strong room where some of the archives are stored. Entered through an airlock room that helps to preserve the archives by preventing change in temperature.

The room was a noticeably chilly 15 degrees Celcius.





img_08231Vicky Scaife Psychology Lecturer and Researcher introduced our evaluation questionnaire and there was an opportunity to look at the two 19th Century Case Books, which are the focus of this project.

The Case Books are dated from September 1881 to September 1884.


An enjoyable First Session and now looking forward to seeing everyone again for the Second Session on 15th October 2015 where we will start to look at the Case Studies in more detail.