Timetable 2017/18

Timetable for 2017 to 2018

Term 7

Heritage Open Days Workshop – 7th September

Session 31 – 21st September
Cohorts 1&2. Bookbinding, art work and box making workshop. NRO.

Session 32 – 5th October
Cohorts 1&2. Review outline design idea, exhibition texts and images. NRO.

Session 33 – 19th October
Cohorts 1&2. Exhibition design review. NRO.

Session 34 – 2nd November
Cohorts 1&2. Exhibition final design review. NRO.

Session 35 – 16th November
Cohorts 1&2. Curating exhibition. NRO.

Exhibition at The Forum, Norwich

Installing exhibition at The Forum – 19th November

Preview – 20th November
For friends, family, partners, stakeholders, press.

Invigilating the exhibition – 21st / 22nd November
Being available to answer questions, ensure exhibit safety, sell publications, accept donations.

Exhibition at Oddfellows Hall, Sheringham

Installing the Exhibition – 27th November
Come along to Oddfellows Hall and help get the exhibition set up.

Private workshop – 28th November

Private workshop – 29th November

Invigilating the exhibition – 30th November
Public opening. Invigilating the exhibition

Dismantling the exhibition – 1st December
Celebration shared meal

House of Commons Reception – 4th December

Reception hosted by Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP