Timetable 2017/18

Timetable for 2017 to 2018

Exhibition Preparation

Cohorts 1&2 – NRO – 20th July

Artwork, audio and research review.

Cohorts 1&2 – NRO – 27th July

Plan our Heritage Open Day workshop on 7th September

Cohorts 1&2 – St Andrews Hospital – 10th August

Visit St Andrews Hospital site

Cohorts 1&2 – The Forum – 24th August

Visit the Forum to view the exhibition space/fixings with Nick Stone, designer, and Kim Sedgwick,
events manager

Heritage Open Days Workshop – 7th September – 5.30-7pm

A public workshop on Change Minds

Session 31 – NRO – 21st September

Art workshop with Nora Gaston.

Session 32 – NRO – 5th October

Book-binding workshop with Nick Sellwood.

Session 33 – NRO – 19th October

Exhibition design and publicity review

Session 34 – NRO – 2nd November

Final exhibition design review

Session 35 – NRO – 16th November
Curating exhibition

Exhibition at The Forum, Norwich

Installing exhibition at The Forum – 19th November

Preview – 20th November
For friends, family, partners, stakeholders (e.g. funders, mental health commissioners, NSFT staff,
local politicians etc), press.

Invigilating the exhibition – 21st / 22nd November

Dismantling the exhibition – 22nd November
To be stored at Norfolk Record Office

Exhibition at Oddfellows Hall, Sheringham

Installing the Exhibition – 27th November

Private workshop and Celebration shared meal – 30th November
Workshops for participants.

Dismantling the exhibition – 1st December

House of Commons Reception – 4th December

Reception hosted by Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP
Travel by coach. Reception, lunch, tour of the Parliamentary archives.

Change Minds sessions end.

Conference and Research Report Phase

25th January 2018 – NRO

Preparing Archives and Wellbeing Conference, and CM template

15th February – NRO

Preparing Archives and Wellbeing Conference, and CM template

15th March – NRO

Archives and Wellbeing Conference, launch CM template


Change Minds events end.

11th April onwards

NRO Ongoing gatherings, timetable and programme to be agreed with the Change Minds group.