Timetable Norwich 2018

This timetable covers Norwich Change Minds sessions, from May 2018 to November 2018.

Term 1 May to June 2018

Based at Norfolk Heritage Centre, Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library (NHC) and Norfolk Record Office (NRO). Sessions are usually fortnightly on Thursday mornings from 10.30am to 1.30pm.

Researching the lives of people admitted to Norfolk County Asylum in the late
19th Century.

Session 1 – Norfolk Record Office – 3rd May

Welcome to Change Minds.  Tour of Norfolk Record Office with County Archivist Gary Tuson.  View the 19th Century Norfolk County Asylum Case Books in the Glass Cube.  Introduction to research evaluation and option to complete a Questionnaire.

Goal Receive your Welcome Pack and become familiar with the Record Office building.  Meet Change Minds staff and other group members. Take part in research evaluation.

Green Room, Archive Centre, Search Room, Glass Cube Room

Session 2 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 17th May

Palaeography and choosing a patient to research.  Tour of Norfolk Heritage Centre.  Using photocopied records from the case books, choose a patient to research.  Palaeography – learn how to read and transcribe historic documents with archive Specialist Chris Tracy.  Use Discover Case Records resource to start archival detective work.

Goal.  Become familiar with Norfolk Heritage Centre.  Use palaeography skills to read your chosen case record.  Begin thinking about who the patient was and what their life was like.

Vernon Castle Room, Norwich Millennium Library

Session 3 – Norfolk Record Office – 31st May

Conservation. Meet Senior Conservator Nick Sellwood. Introduction to document preservation.  View original case books and other records from Norfolk County Asylum in the Glass Cube.  Introduction to the Search Room.

Goal. Learn safe document handling and use skills to look through original Norfolk County Asylum documents.  Start using the Search Room to research your patients life.

Green Room, Conservation, Search Room, Glass Cube Room

Session 4 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 14th June

Research. Find out more about late 19th and early 20th Century life in Norfolk County Asylum. Continue researching case records.

Goal. Track your patient through online census returns and build up a picture of their life through looking at related archives.

Vernon Castle Room, Norwich Millennium Library

Session 5 – Norfolk Record Office – 28th June

Research. Investigate the records in more depth supported by archive Specialist Chris Tracy and Norfolk Record Office Staff. View original records in the Glass Cube. Celebration.

Goal. More focused research. A chance to reflect on achievements so far.

Green Room, Search Room. Glass Cube Room

Term 2 July to September 2018

Creative exploration of identity in the past and now for people with mental health conditions on low income living in Norfolk. Led by writer Martin Figura and artist Kate Munro.

Session 6 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 12th July

Visit Norwich Castle Study Centre. View collections from Norfolk County Asylum with Curator Ruth Battersby-Tooke.

Goal. Gain insight into 19th Century mental health treatments by looking at costume and objects connected with Norfolk County Asylum

Meeting at Vernon Castle Room then walking to visit the Castle Study Centre.

Session 7 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 26th July

Creative workshop. Creative writing workshop with writer Martin Figura. Use what you have learnt and thought about your patient as the trigger for creativity.

Goal. Create a piece of writing.

Vernon Castle Room

Session 8 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 9th August

Creative workshop. Creative art workshop with artist Kate Munro. Use what you have learnt and thought about your patient as the trigger for creativity.

Goal. Create a piece of art.

Vernon Castle Room

Session 9 – Norfolk Record Office – 6th September

Bookbinding Workshop. Bookbinding with Senior Conservator Nick Sellwood. Learn how 19th Century Case Books were constructed and make your own book.

Goal. Learn and practice basic bookbinding skills.

Green Room

Session 10 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 20th September

Creative Workshop. Creative art workshop with artist Kate Munro. Celebration.

Goal. Create artwork.  Reflect on and celebrate what you have achieved so far.

Vernon Castle Room

Term 3 October to November 2018

Oral history recordings, bringing research and creativity together.

Session 11 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 4th October

Exhibition Preparation. Ongoing research and artwork. Selecting and preparing work for the final exhibition. One-to-one interviews with Community Librarian to think about next steps, to be followed up with bespoke information about relevant opportunities.

Goal. Start exhibition planning through group discussion.  An opportunity to think about next steps.

Vernon Castle Room

Session 12 – Norfolk Record Office – 18th October

Oral History.  Introduction to Norfolk Sound archive with Archive specialist Chris Tracy. Tour of Norfolk Sound Archive, visit the Strong Room store. Listen to sound clips and consider the strengths and weaknesses of different recordings. Learn about ethics and your rights in respect of recording an oral history.

Goal. Understand what oral history is and how it is recorded, stored and used.

Green Room

Session 13 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 1st November

Oral History. Training with archive Specialist Chris Tracy.  Learn how to do an oral history interview and recording skills. Discuss what a recording could contain. Review Sound Recording Consent Form for accessioning the recording into the Sound Archive. Prepare to create a recording.  Alternative option to continue research or creative work.

Goal. Gain sound recording and oral history skills.  Make an informed decision about whether or not you would like to record an oral history.

Vernon Castle Room

Session 14 – Norfolk Record Office – 15th November

Oral History. Option to record an oral history with Archive Specialist Chris Tracy.  Continue research and creative work. Finalise exhibition plans.

Goal. Oral history recordings for those who would like to. Exhibition ready for display.

Green Room, Upstairs meeting room

Session 15 – Norfolk Record Office – 29th November

Change Minds Exhibition. Display of research, artwork and creative writing in Norfolk Record Office Long Gallery. Awarding Certificates and Celebration to acknowledge the completion of the programme. Option to complete evaluation research questionnaire.

Goal. Reflect on and celebrate your shared and individual Change Minds journey.

Green Room, Long gallery