Timetable Norwich 2018

This timetable covers Norwich Change Minds sessions, from May 2018 to November 2018.

Term 1 May to June 2018

Based at Norfolk Heritage Centre, Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library (NHC) and Norfolk Record Office (NRO). Sessions are usually fortnightly on Thursday mornings from 10.30am to 1.30pm.

Researching the lives of people admitted to Norfolk County Asylum in the late
19th Century.

Session 1 – Norfolk Record Office – 3rd May

Visit to the Norfolk Record Office. Welcome to Change Minds. Tour with County Archivist Gary Tuson. Introduction to the Search Room. Seeing the 19th Century case books.
Introduction to research evaluation and option to complete a Questionnaire.

Green Room, Archive Centre, Search Room, Glass Cube Room

Session 2 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 17th May

Tour of the Heritage Centre. Choosing a person to research from the case books. Learning how to read and transcribe historic documents with Archive Specialist Chris Tracy.

Vernon Castle Room, Norwich Millennium Library

Session 3 – Norfolk Record Office – 31st May

Meeting Senior Conservator Nick Sellwood. Learning how to handle documents. The Glass cube room will have books available to look at. Search Room researching the records in the case books.

Green Room, Conservation, Search Room, Glass Cube Room

Session 4 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 14th June

Finding out more about life in Norfolk County Asylum and St Andrews Hospital in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Learning how to search online census records. Researching the records in the case books.

Vernon Castle Room, Norwich Millennium Library

Session 5 – Norfolk Record Office – 28th June

Investigating the records in more depth. Looking at documents, researching.

Green Room, Search Room. Glass Cube Room

Term 2 July to September 2018

Creative exploration of identity in the past and now for people with mental health conditions on low income living in Norfolk. Led by writer Martin Figura and artist Kate Munro.

Session 6 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 12th July

Visit Guildhall, Castle Study Centre, talk by Curator Ruth Battersby-Tooke.

Meeting at Vernon Castle Room then walking to visit the Castle Study Centre.

Session 7 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 26th July

Creative workshop with writer Martin Figura.

Vernon Castle Room

Session 8 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 9th August

Creative workshop with artist Kate Munro.

Vernon Castle Room

Session 9 – Norfolk Record Office – 6th September

Bookbinding with Senior Conservator Nick Sellwood.

Green Room

Session 10 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 20th September

Creative workshop with artist Kate Munro.

Vernon Castle Room

Term 3 October to November 2018

Oral history recordings, bringing research and creativity together.

Session 11 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 4th October

Ongoing research and artwork. Preparing work for the exhibition.

Vernon Castle Room

Session 12 – Norfolk Record Office – 18th October

Learning how to use the Norfolk Sound Archive option. Making an oral history recording option. Tour of Norfolk Sound Archive with Archive Specialist Chris Tracy.

Green Room

Session 13 – Norfolk Heritage Centre – 1st November

Ongoing research and artwork. Oral history training with Archive Specialist Chris Tracy.

Vernon Castle Room

Session 14 – Norfolk Record Office – 15th November

Finalising work for exhibition. Option of creating a CD of oral history recordings with Archive Specialist Chris Tracy.

Green Room, Upstairs meeting room

Session 15 – Norfolk Record Office – 29th November

Change Minds Exhibition displaying Research, Artwork and Creative writing at the
Norfolk Record Office, Celebration and awarding Certificates.
Option to complete Research Questionnaire.

Green Room, Long gallery