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8. Change Minds Evaluation

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The aim of the Change Minds Hub’s evaluation process is to work out what, if any, effect participating in the Change Minds project has on people’s wellbeing. It’s important for us to measure this and collect information so we can see what value there is in running projects like Change Minds. 

The evaluation process utilises the WEMWBS methodology which measures mental wellbeing in the general population and the evaluation of projects, programmes and policies which aim to improve mental wellbeing.

Below is a step-by-step guide for Project Coordinators that covers the key tasks required to ensure the evaluation process runs smoothly, and when they should be completed.

There is also a selection of resources required to complete the evaluation process.

For Participants

For Project Coordinator

The evaluation process: a step-by-step guide

Before the project starts
Arrange evaluation briefing discussions with the project hub. This will give you a full idea of what the evaluation is for, what is being evaluated, who will do the evaluation and how the data will be used, managed and disposed of. The Change Minds Hub will instruct you on how to send them copies of the participant data and how to destroy the originals.
Review the Informed Consent Film so that you can discuss consent to the evaluation process with participants.
Workshop 1Complete the participant register spreadsheet and assign unique reference numbers to each participant’s data. These will be copied over to the participants’ completed questionnaires to ensure all data is anonymised.

Store the participant register in a secure file location, ideally lockable or with password protection.

Ask the participants to complete the participant consent form if they agree to take part in the evaluation.

Distribute paper copies of the Change Minds Wellbeing Evaluation – Week 1 and demographic questionnaires to participants who are willing to take part. Each participant should receive copies of both questionnaires that are inscribed with their corresponding unique reference numbers. They don’t need to add personal data to their questionnaires.

Take in the completed wellbeing and demographic questionnaires and store them securely for the duration of the project, separately from the participant register.  
Keep track of participant attendance at each workshop with the engagement tracker.
Workshop 12Distribute new paper copies of the Change Minds Wellbeing Evaluation – Week 12 to participants who wish to complete one. Each participant should receive a copy with their own reference number.

Take in the completed questionnaires and store them securely.
Upon CompletionSend the completed wellbeing questionnaires (two for each participant) and demographic questionnaires (one for each participant) to the Change Minds Hub in the manner they advise.

Fill in the Reflective Questions for Project Coordinators form and return to Change Minds Hub.

Pass on the participant register spreadsheet via secure email or secure post to the Change Minds Hub team. Destroy all original questionnaires and the participant register once the Hub team have confirmed receipt of the copies.