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Gallery of Work Produced by Change Minds Participants

An open suitcase displaying two images of the same woman and a torn blue and white dress.
The Wrapper Dress by Katherine Guy
A display case showing portraits of individuals from the County Asylum.
Vulnerable by Annie Groom
An antique bird cage with suspended images of parts of individuals features.
Trapped in the Birdcage by Clare Gregory
A suitcase with a portrait of a bearded individual from the County Asylum.
Disappointed in Love by Laurie Mason
A wall of painted portraits of different sizes
Expressions, Faces and Histories by Laurie Mason

Expressions, faces and histories. Lives lived and hard fought, hidden and forgotten. Seeking out the faded snapshots and cursive case files from patients of the Victorian-era Norfolk County Lunatic Asylum.. Their piercing looks and distracted demeanours, wrinkles and frowns, sadness, desperation and pride. These are portraits that such ordinary townsfolk would never have been afforded in their lives. It is only through their regretful circumstances that posterity records them at all. 150 years later, rather than ‘patients’, ‘the unwell’ or ‘the mad’, they were just people like you or I.

Image shows quilt of 21 squares inspired by County Asylum case books
image shows both sides of a 'zine' created as a response to Norfolk County Asylum case books.


Here am I – safe in my present eyeing your past

No quid pro quo – just an interest to know

I wondered if I had the right – how do we earn such privilege?

Your photo triggered more than my imagination had anticipated

you were the youngest of men – captured at 18 years of age

Anecdotal evidence painted a vivid picture too

I learned it took 3 men to hold you down

and that you advised them of their folly

“You cannot injure me as I am dead”