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Change Minds at Work

Elevate Mental Wellbeing in Your Business

Change Minds at Work is a unique staff workshop rooted in the award-winning Change Minds® program.

By engaging with the Five Ways to Wellbeing, your employees will learn to nurture their mental health, whether they are advancing in their careers or approaching retirement.

Talking about your mental health in the workplace is difficult.  That’s why Change Minds at Work asks a favour of the past. It opens discussions on mental health by borrowing the experiences of another person.  Each participant chooses one 19th-century patient and discovers more about their life inside and outside of the hospital. They then express their learning and reflections through a creative activity.

And at the end of the day everyone is rewarded with an eye-opening peek behind the scenes at the Record Office where millions of historical documents are cared for by skilled staff.

By participating in a day-long session your team will:

  • Connect with history to enrich their mental-wellness journey.
  • Learn from stimulating activities that encourage lifelong learning and mindfulness.
  • Discover a new perspective on mental wellbeing that benefits them professionally and personally.

Moreover, a portion of the proceeds from each workshop supports individuals with severe mental health challenges to participate in the full Change Minds® programs.

Change Minds at Work isn’t just a workshop; it’s a commitment to your team’s enduring wellbeing. Invest in your employees’ mental health today for a thriving future.

To find out more, email Gary Tuson