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What People Say

Change MInds creative d display

‘It highlights how much pressure the people dealing with mental health are and how they are, they don’t last that long in the mental-health field. It’s taught me a lot, a hell of a lot; it’s opened other things for me so. Now I’m a volunteer. It’s made me understand a lot more about mental health and deal with my own problems, issues.’ 

(Participant A, Change Minds Norfolk 2020)

‘It’s made me realise I’m not alone’

‘What is an enormous strength of the project, I think, is gradually getting to know people. It’s important getting to know people and having a trusting relationship with people. You have to invest time and be a presence, if nothing else because it will help you write things better.’ 

(Bel Greenwood, author of the play, Dr. Hill’s Casebook that grew out of an iteration of Change Minds held at the Norfolk Record Office)

‘I think generally to the future it encouraged me to write about my other ancestors. Not that I think I can produce a book or anything, but for my own personal reasons too; put a lot more things down on paper. And I think overall the encouragement to participants … has been amazing overall.’

(Participant B, Change Minds Norfolk 2020)

‘The encouragement to participants has been amazing’

‘It’s made me realise I’m not alone …There are doorways open to you if you let them, so it’s definitely brought me out of a funk that I was having and kept me there, because every week, you know, I know that I’ve got to, I’m going to be doing that and that for me is for me and is for nobody else and the group … It’s been … life changing in many, many ways.’  

(Participant H, Change Minds Norfolk 2020)

‘I’m quite a lonely, shy-type person but what I have noticed about the groups is that it brings me out… I’m more vocal where I never used to be. Before I used to just not say anything and carry on doing just what everybody else does.’ 

(Participant D, Change Minds Norfolk 2020)

‘I feel a bit lifted. I can’t pinpoint what that is, but I think it’s the whole process of being involved in something that was just creative… It’s just given me back my imagination.’

(Participant I, Change Minds Norfolk 2020)

‘It’s given me back my imagination.’