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Step 3: Project Planning

This section contains a model project plan divided into four phases:

  1. Initiation Phase
  2. Research Phase
  3. Creative Phase
  4. Project Close Phase

An overview of the project can be seen in the Gantt chart. This should be used for planning your project.

The Gantt has two of hidden columns which you will not need until you start project delivery: project tracking and links to project delivery resources.

This section also provides details of the core Change Minds Hub services provided to your project and additional services which can be included if required.

Initiation Phase

Once the project achieves the go ahead; for example, after notification of a successful funding application, the project enters the Initiation Phase. During this phase:

  • The Project Coordinator is appointed.
  • A leaflet advertising Change Minds to potential participants in produced.
  • Participants are recruited and enrolled.
  • Arrangements are made for the Research Trip in Workshop 6.
  • Arrangements are made for Creative Consultants to deliver Workshops 7 and 9.
  • Casebooks are digitized and a selection of cases is made.
  • Evaluation materials are prepared.
  • A room is booked for each of the workshops. The 12 Workshops form the milestones around which the middle two phases operate. They should be regular (weekly or fortnightly) , at the same time, on the same day of the week and in the same place.
  • Archive staff are introduced to the project and the wellbeing training materials.
  • Preparations are made for the delivery of Workshop 1.

Project Board Meeting 1 takes place at the start of the Initiation Phase and Project Board meeting at the end.

Research Phase

The first six workshops are delivered and the Project Evaluation is started.

  • Workshop 1: Introduction to Change Minds
  • Workshop 2: Reading Archives and Choosing a Research Subject
  • Workshop 3: Handling Documents and Beginning Research
  • Workshop 4: Research
  • Workshop 5: Further Research
  • Workshop 6: Participant Research Trip

Creative Phase

The final six workshops are delivered during the Creative Phase. At the last workshop the second stage of the evaluation is completed.

  • Workshop 7: Creative Workshop
  • Workshop 8: Creative Workshop Continuation
  • Workshop 9: Creative Workshop
  • Workshop 10: Creative Workshop Continuation
  • Workshop 11: Final Showcase Preparation
  • Workshop 12: Final Showcase Event

Project Close Phase

This short Phase at the end of the Change Minds project covers:

  • Evaluation Conclusion
  • End of Project Report
  • Final Project Board meeting

Change Minds Hub Services

The Change Minds Hub can provide support as you set up your project and apply for funding.

When you are delivering your project, the Hub will provide:

  • A day of training for staff delivering your project.
  • Password access to the online resources for running your project.
  • Analysis of your evaluation data, combining it with the growing corpus of Change Mind Evaluation Data.
  • A representative at each Project Board Meeting.
  • Support and advice.

In addition to these core project services, the Hub can also provide:

  • Support for recruitment of project staff.
  • Wellbeing supervision to project staff.
  • Petty cash arrangements for refunding participants’ out of pocket expenses.