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Step 1: The Project Partnership

A Changes Minds Project is a partnership between three organisations and the Change Minds Participants. Improving the wellbeing of the latter the overriding reason for any Change Minds project to exist. The three organisations in the partnership are:

Archive Service: Project lead, hosting the workshops and the project coordinator.

Mental Health Service Provider: Helps recruit and support participants from their client base ensuring that the project is delivered to those who will benefit most.

Change Minds Hub: Supports the delivery of the project and its evaluation.

This partnership is key to the successful delivery of a Change Minds project. It is formalised in Change Minds Partnership Agreement which lays out the roles and responsibilities of each partner. At local level, the core relationship is between the archive service and the local mental health service provider. Change Minds doesn’t work if there are no participants!

Archive Service

The Archive Service takes the lead on the project.   To run a Change Minds project it will need:

  • Asylum Patient Case books which are open to the public
  • Facilities for holding 11 workshops (one is a trip out) for up to 20 people
  • To commit around 2 days of staff time to support deliver of the workshops
  • To secure project funding
  • To manage the project and chair three project board meetings

Mental Health Service Provider

Change Minds is targeted at people who have significant or severe mental health issues so, in order to recruit and support participants, it is essential to have a mental health service provider (MHSP) as a partner.

The MHSP does not need to provide a great deal of input for the project but at a  minimum it will:

  • Recruit participants from amongst their clients
  • Assist the Project Coordinator in completing enrolment forms and wellbeing plans, so that a support framework can be put in place for each  participant.
  • Act as a point of contact for any safeguarding issues raised during the project
  • Attend three project board meetings

The MHSP may also:

  • Support participants attending Change Minds workshops (if required, support worker costs can in included in funding applications)
  • Provide training to archive staff on working with people with mental health issues

Change Minds Hub

The Change Minds Hub will assist in the setting up of your Change Minds Project. , It can also assist in the development of mental health service provider partnerships and provide information for funding applications.

The Change Minds Hub will provide support delivery of the project. This includes:

  • Training, workshop plans and resources for delivery of the Change Minds project
  • Project co-ordinator recruitment resources
  • Participant recruitment resources
  • An evaluation framework

Additional services are also available from the Change Minds Hub including:

  • Project staff wellbeing supervision
  • Support for interviewing the project co-ordinator
  • Make arrangements for Petty Cash
  • Additional training

The Change Minds Hub will also co-ordinate Change Minds evaluation, development and promotion across the UK.

Change Minds Partnership Agreement

The Partnership Agreement lays out the roles and responsibilities. This makes clear who is doing what in the project. It is also an essential component of the any funding application.

A model partnership agreement is provided here. Although the core of each Change Minds project is the same, each iteration will be unique. Therefore the Partnership Agreement includes a number of square bracketed items which can be included if need. Those without square brackets are essential for a successful Change Minds project.

As project planning progresses, it may be necessary to amend the Partnership Agreement. It is recommended that it is not signed until the project planning has been completed.

Partnership Agreement