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Step 4: Funding and Budget


For any Change Minds project to go ahead, funding is needed to cover the costs of project delivery – the largest item being that of employing a Project Coordinator – and Hub support for training, evaluation and other services. Whilst the Change Minds Hub is constantly looking at ways in which it can fund projects, this section assumes that a grant is sought by the lead archive services from a local charity or through a small Heritage Fund grant.

The Change Minds Hub can supply information for inclusion in a funding application, including the most up to date Change Minds evaluation data.


All Change Minds projects will have differences in cost caused by such variables as the amount for participant travel, digitization needs, whether additional services are required from the Hub. In order to assist with preparing these costs, a budget template is included as a download.

The budget template has nine columns:

  • Cost Title.
  • Cost Description.
  • Unit – item, days, hours etc.
  • Number of Units.
  • Unit Cost.
  • Total – auto-calculates based on Unit Cost multiplied by Number of Units.
  • Heritage Fund Category – included for use if Lottery application is planned. There is a drop-down menu for Heritage Fund categories.
  • Cash/In-kind – some contributions will be made in kind, e.g. use of room for workshops.
  • Notes – further guidance on completing the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet calculates a total project cost, with sub-totals for cash costs and in-kind costs.

Downloadable Resources

Change Minds Budget Template